We are often reminisced upon, regarded in past tense, as bygone agents who have served a finite purpose. Centuries ago we fired a shot that was heard around the world. Decades later we braved the coldest and darkest of nights to smuggle slaves into the free world. We packed Woodward Avenue one hundred thousand strong, shared a dream on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. We took over Chicago while whole world watched. In Tiananmen Square we stood alone in front of a column of tanks. With picks, hammers, and a couple hundred thousand cans of spray paint, we tore down a wall to reunite East and West Berlin. We are not finished.

We are a vision; we are the vision. You may be familiar, or you may have merely caught a glimpse of it in passing. Regardless, somewhere between now and your beginning, it grabbed hold of you and you wouldn’t let go. No matter how hard they tried to beat, buy, scare or fuck it out of you. At times it was distant, a minute match flame quivering in the dark, so you did what you had to do. You hid it, sheltered it, nursed it, kept it alive at all costs because you knew… You knew the power of one spark in a sea of gasoline; knew that your flame would become a fire; knew that your spark would change the world. And you still know.

The Underground Nation is a community of photographers, musicians, writers and graphic artists. We seek to unite what has been wrongfully divided, and divide what has been improperly united. Through various media we hope to pass the torch that burned so brightly on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, the flame that stood so steadfast in front of four tanks in Tiananmen Square.

Our ambition is transition, to portray and better understand the ever fluctuating, yet curiously consistent force that underlies our reality on countless levels. Being that our goal is indefinite, perhaps even an abstract of tangible events, we pursue it with an understanding that we will never truly grasp it. Thus we count our steps as victories, progression is our only gauge in the quest of a perpetual answer, and we pass our message the way we have passed it for thousands of years, one act, even one mind at a time.

Welcome to the Revolution.