For many a year you been warned; the revolution will not be televised. They’ve confused lied and denied us of our most precious gift that they swore to uphold, our rights. All these years we’ve bathed ourselves in false freedoms tub not noticing that someone was slowly draining the water, one day awaken, we’ll notice our souls cracked and dried ashy without the moisture of freedom! Underground Nation, hear this cry! You have the right. You have the right to raise your voice in a crowded room we call earth, and be yourself, no matter what the fuck they tell you. You have the right to walk in the darkness, or stand in the light, regardless of color, race, and nationality! You have the right to live the life our parents and forefathers believed, free, and over running with choice, no matter what the fuck you’ve been told, you have the right to get down tonight! You have the right of celebration, for now is the time we all walk the edge of a millennium of an unknown future of bullshit aside! Now is the time to enjoy every waking moment, live in a dream, or dance your night away in the different atmosphere, free from the edge and the cares of the outside world Underground Nation, open your fucking eyes and LIVE! For tonight we escape to celebrate upon the dance floor! Can I get a witness? Can I get a witness!



You have the right